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The first advantage of Huguangyan is the fresh air, clear water and grace surroundings. Covered by dense subtropical forest around the lake, there is an anion area with 105688 cm3. As a result, the lake is called as the "natural oxygen bar". Water in the lake is mainly mineral water with 60 more trace elements, especially high in strontium. Strontium is good to control high blood pressure. It is said that swimming in the lake will tender your skin, helping metabolism, curing some disease and good for people's health. In the year of 2000, an old man from Heilongjiang, named Liu Jingkun, suffering with many kinds of diseases such as skin, senile dementia and others came to Huguangyan for recuperation. When he came here his high pressure reached 190 and he could not walk too. After 3 months of recuperation his skin disease had been cured and his high pressure reduced from 190 to 120. He could walk and swim in the lake too. As Mr. Liu Jingkun said that it was not the function of the medicine but the fresh air and water in the lake helped him recover from all these diseases. He told us that he had drunk four pounds of water from the lake, had fresh air every day and swum in the lake for one hour as well. After 3 months, his skin disease recovered and his high pressure reduced from 190 to 120 without taking the medicine. At present, the old man still missed Huguangyan. After the fact was reported by "Guangzhou Daily", "Guangxi Worker's Daily" and "Zhanjiang Evening News" more than 20 medical experts had come for investigation and more and more patients had recovered from their high blood pressure, arthritis and other difficult and complicated cases.
The natural oxyger bar

High Air Anion District

Liu JingKun  The Rejuvenated Old Man from Helongjiang

The natural Swimming Pool

After the assessment of Guangzhou Earth Geochemistry Center of China Science Institute, the mud in the lake is very good for people's health and beauty. The size of the volcanic mud is very fine with strong chemical and physical actions. Since the mud contains various kinds of trace element, it is very helpful for beauty people's skin. Furthermore, this kind of mud will help people recovering from 30 kinds of diseases such as high-blood pressure, skin disease, arthritis, coronary heart disease, etc. The newly developed Maar Lake Tourist Resort will provide visitors with the services of volcanic spring water, Maar Lake-mud bathing and beauty, as well as the high-contained anion area.

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