Huguang Lake Global Geopark is located 18 km in the south part of Guangdong Zhanjiang.The area covers 38 square kilometers. The whole area consists of Huguang Lake, Dongpo Hill, Naozhou Island, Yingfeng Hill, Lighthouse Cape and the Southern Subtropical Botanic Garden. It features maar volcanic geological landforms, as well as coastal and structural geological landforms, with various geological remnants. The area is of well developed natural ecology environment and sights of cultural heritage.
The centre of the area, Huguang Lake, is the most typical maar lake of China and one of the most well-conserved volcanical lake. Sediments under the lake provide a most reliable record of paleoclimate and paleoenvironment over 100,000 years, and detail information of variation of tropical/subtropical climate and environment. The sediments are called “The yearbook of natural environment changes”. Huguang Lake is the originate place of China’s maar lake and the first Asian-located maar lake selected by scientists from both China and Germany for cooperation researches. Huguang lake have established a twinning lake relation with the maar lake in Eifel region of Germany.
Huguang lake is surrounded by volcanic blocks, which form cliffs. The strata and inner workings are recognizable. The lake water are clear and calm like a mirror. Rocks and the lake form a great picture. Old trees and strangling vines grows and form a lush landscape. There is a “Bar of Oxygen” within the area, known for it high density of negative ion. People walk around the lakeside enjoy fresh air and feel relaxed and cheerful.

The area is of long history. In Sui Dynasty, Buddhists built Lengyan Temple and Baiyi Nunnery in rock caves. In Song Dynasty, the prime minister, Li Gang leaves inscription “Hu guang yan” on the cliff. The inscription is still there today. The Lei Opera, which is popular in Leizhou Peninsula, is a derivative folk art form of volcanic red clay culture. Lei Opera is of enrich meanings. 

Huguang lake area is an excellent work of volcano. It combines geological science theory of nature, spectacular scenery of maar lake, good ecological environment, deep cultural heritage and is ready to reveal its glamour to the world.

The rare maar lakes in the world


                                          Huguangyan maar lake                                                                     Maar lake in Eifle area of Germany

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