Site: Mirror Lake

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Originally termed as Mirror Lake or Sunken Lake, Maar Lake in Huguangyan is a low and flat crater lake. It is approximately 7 km long going round this lake and the lake surface occupies an area of 2.3 km2 , with a total storage capacity of 30.55 million m3 water; the lake is located at an altitude of 23 m and has an average water depth of 12 m. There is a nearly N-S extending ridge at the bottom of the lake, cutting the lake into two funnel-shaped lakes striking E-W in parallel. The maximum depth of the West Lake amounts to 22 m, whereas the depth of the East Lake comes only to 8 m, relatively shallower. At present, the deepest place of the volcanic vent determined arrives at 446 m, of which sediment thickness is in excess of 400 m. Huguangyan took shape approximately 0.14 or 0.16 million years ago and has been proved to be a well-preserved maar-typed crater as rarely found in the world. The lake water quality turns out to be nice and excellent, and scenery here lovely and beautiful, a place which is of ultraly high value in relation to scientific survey, medicinal curing and health-keeping, touring and sightseeing. 

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