A Brief Introduction to Huguang Volcano Museum

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The new Huguang volcano museum is located about 100 meters from the west gate of the scenic area. It is one of the important auxiliary facilities to create the global geopark. The museum has an exhibition area of about 2,500 square meters, including a large-scale volcanic eruption simulator, Leizhou Peninsular sandbox, acoustics, optics, electricity effect volcanic model, volcanic geological resources display, volcanic popular science knowledge presentation, rare stones with popular science or ornamental value, root carving samples, plant and animal specimens display, stone instruments, basalt rocks and antique show and so on. According to comments from Professor Zhao Xun of the UNESCO Geopark Expert Group, this museum is of more volcanic model features and up to standard, in comparison with the other national geoparks in China. It’s a rather modern museum utilizing good technologies.

Huguang volcano museum utilizes dynamic volcanic model, concise text description and plenty of specimens and pictures to introduce general knowledge of volcanic geography and geology, as well as the process of species evolution on Earth, highlight the volcanic culture of Leizhou Peninsula and fully representing the volcanic ecological resources of the Peninsula. The museum is a venue for young students in our city to receive popular science education and a good project for modern tourism.

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